Volunteer Training Program

The Awty International School values all of our students and we want them to be safe at all times. To help protect our students, everyone who volunteers must participate in the Volunteer Training Program and become an approved volunteer.

The program consists of two elements:

  1. Each volunteer must complete a training program that teaches about abuse and how to recognize and help prevent it.
  2. Each volunteer must submit to and pass a background check.

Classes in English are available online. There are four modules, each of which take about 30-45 minutes each to complete and are available at your convenience.

We also offer an in-house training at the beginning of the school year in English and in French:

To begin the training, parents must first complete the online background check form.

Fill out the Volunteer Background Check Form

Abuse Prevention Policy Manual
La Protection des Enfants

When the background check is completed and the training is verified, your name will be added to the Approved Volunteer list. An updated Approved Volunteer list is posted online every Monday for the Awty community to access.

PLEASE NOTE: The administration has done an audit of the Volunteer Approval policies and, in consultation with our legal advisors, the school updated its policies to make it easier for our parents to volunteer. Your "approved" status is now good for FIVE years from the time you took your last training.

Upcoming Trainings