Awtybots Win Red Stick Rumble

Awtybots Win Red Stick Rumble

Awtybots, Awty's robotics team (Team #5829), had quite the adventurous weekend, winning the Championship at the Red Stick Rumble in Baton Rouge, Louisiana for the team's first-ever win!

The team left Awty early Friday afternoon for the robotics tournament in Baton Rouge. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the team did not arrive to the hotel for the night until 10:30 p.m. (generally a four-hour trip). It was a challenging beginning to the competition weekend, but everyone on the team was looking forward to the competition the next day.

To add to the challenge, Jacob Berg, the main robot driver for Awtybots, had to take the SAT in Baton Rouge first before he could join the team at the competition. Joe Li stepped in as the driver for the qualifying matches, and did a great job keeping the team competitive and getting them to the Alliance selection for the elimination bracket. Once Jacob returned after the SAT testing, he took over as driver. The selection process was stressful, but eventually the team was chosen as the backup robot for the #1 seeded alliance.  

"I believe our individual performance in the qualifying matches warranted an earlier selection, stated Coach Truong, "but our record and being unknown by the Louisiana teams hurt that opportunity."

It is important to note that when a team is selected as a backup robot during a competition, they must always be ready to be thrown into action in case another robot fails. Immediately, this very situation happened just before the first quarterfinal match when the alliance captain broke. Awty's team substituted in for the match and helped win it handily. Awty's team was so impressive that the Alliance captains, having been repaired, kept them in the matches for the remainder of the bracket. Backup robots no more, the Awty team was frantically maintaining their robot in between matches. Jacob did a tremendous job with his role and continued to impress his teammates through the eliminations.

Each round was a best of three and Awty won the 1 vs. 8 match easily. The semifinal match was a bit more challenging for the team and they ended up going to the third match, but managed to clinch it with a stellar robot lift at the end. In the finals, Awty's team continued to dominate and won in two games, clinching the Red Stick Rumble Championship Trophy!

This was Awtybots' first-ever win as Team 5829 in their FRC career. The team has been close several times, but it was such a thrill for everyone to be on the winning side of a competition.

Congratulations to Coach Truong and the following members of the Awtybots traveling team (in bold), as well as the other members who could not make the trip, but contributed in getting the robot into competing shape: Jacob Berg (12th grade), Alex Brown (9th), Maria Florencia Codesal (12th), Mevsim Denktas (10th), Branden Faseler (12th), Marie-Emilie Germain (12th), Sophia Hashmi (11th), Xiao (Ivy) He (12th), Katherine Hoang (11th), Rick Huang (10th), Joe Li (11th), Georgios Mikos (10th), Mary Mikos (10th), Renee Neufer (11th), Obi Nwosu (12th), Lara Roy (10th), Ashlyn Tu (11th), and Didi Zhou (10th).

Special thanks to our teammates Jersey Voltage (#4587 from Jersey Village), Fusion Robotics (#364 from Gulfport, MS), and Bronco Robotics (#6489 from Zachary, LA) for making such a great alliance. Everyone had a part in helping us win this tournament.