Awty's Odyssey of the Mind Team Advances to the Worlds

Awty's Odyssey of the Mind Team Advances to the Worlds

All five of Awty’s Odyssey of the Mind teams participated in the State Finals, which were held this past Saturday, April 14, and the results were quite impressive including a first place win for the 10th/12th Grade team. This is Awty’s first ever first place finish in the State Finals!  The 10th/12th Grade team now advances to the world finals at Iowa State University, which will be held on May 23. Congratulations to you all!  You make Awty proud!

10th/12th Grade Team - 1st Place!

  • Dalal Daher
  • Aiden Devins
  • Ashling Devins
  • Sofia Doroshenko
  • Chloé Ruzzo
  • Eka Savajol
  • Connor Wright
  • Coach: Sujata Venkatraman

8th Grade Team - 5th Place

  • Mason Abrell
  • Cameron Ahmed
  • Jimmy Burns
  • Genene Gordon
  • Sam Harris
  • Matthew Karazincir
  • Anika Sarna
  • Coaches: Andrea Garcia-Ahmed and Doreen Hanrahan

6th Grade Team - 3rd Place

  • Erica Adler 
  • Defne Deliormanli 
  • Aine Devins 
  • Kara Lauren Le Brun
  • Juliette Oudar
  • Anjeli Savajol
  • Coach: Ronda Devins

4th/5th Grade Team - 3rd Place

  • Cole Ahmed
  • Zayna Dilawar 
  • Elise DiPaolo 
  • Sofia Dunkel 
  • Eloise Elefteriou 
  • Evie McEwan-Debney 
  • Nicholas Russo 
  • Coaches: Urusa Nawaz, Andrea Garcia-Ahmed, and Richard Debney

3rd Grade Team - Placed 14th overall in their first year

  • Preston Aranda
  • Elizabeth Eisner
  • Maxime Elefteriou
  • Malini Lombardo
  • Srivani Mahajanam
  • Leila Sholokhova
  • Bailey Williams
  • Coaches: Chris Lombardo, Derek Aranda, and Pablo Eisner