Support for Hurricane Ida recovery and Afghan refugees

Support for Hurricane Ida recovery and Afghan refugees

This is an announcement about opportunities for students and families to offer support in the spirit of Awty community service for two groups of people in a time of need. Our close neighbors in the Gulf Coast are recovering from Hurricane Ida, and we now have many new neighbors, Afghan refugees, who are trying to resettle in the Houston area. 

Welcome Notes and Posters - For Afghan refugees, we would like to have artistic posters or handwritten notes of welcome. Notes written in English are good, yet those written in native Dari, Farsi, Arabic or Pashto would be especially appreciated. Notes should be all positive in tone, focusing on a spirit of good wishes and our happiness to receive new neighbors. There will be boxes outside the Division Offices for students to drop off their notes in UNSEALED envelopes. 

Supplies Drive - Both the refugees and those recovering from Ida need a wide variety of supplies. We have categorized the supplies drive by grade. Beginning Wednesday, September 8th through Friday, September 10th there will be marked bins for each division at carpool for students to drop their items as they arrive. All items must be in a paper or plastic bag, please.  

Upper School (for Afghan Families) 
12th/Tle - laundry detergent (Arm and Hammer = preferred) 
11th/1ère - feminine pads, body wash, loofahs 
10th/2nde - men's and women's deodorant, antibacterial hand soap 
9th/3ème - dish soap, sponges, dish brushes  

Middle and Lower School (for Ida) 
8th/4ème - plastic tarps, extension cords 
7th/5ème - flashlights, batteries of all sizes 
6th/6ème - baby formula 
Lower School - bath towels, pillows or bedding  

ELC (for both)
Diapers (sizes 1-5) and diaper wipes 

Thanks in advance to all Awtynians who have long been and will always be supporters of the spirit of community service.