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Secondary School Attendance

The Attendance Office is located immediately adjacent to Mr. Sload’s office in the Computer Building. This location will serve as the central repository for all secondary student attendance records, as well as the single point of contact for all students signing in and out of campus

  • Contact the Attendance Office either by email at StudentAttendance@awty.org or the attendance hotline at 713-328-5885 to report the absence.
  • If no message has reached the Attendance Office by 10:00 a.m., a follow-up attempt will be made to verify the absence.
  • To complete the Premeditated Absence Request Forms, click on the links below: 
  • These forms should be submitted no later than two weeks prior to the intended absence. Premeditated absence approval is contingent upon the student’s attendance record and academic status.
  • Any student arriving to campus after 7:55 a.m. must sign in at the Attendance Office.
  • Any student leaving campus prior to 3:35 p.m. who is not ill must sign out at the Attendance Office.
  • Ill students must check out through the clinic located in the Lower School building before leaving campus.
  • Students may not be released from campus without parental consent. Parents must must notify the Attendance Office prior to any student leaving campus.
  • Students must be made aware in advance they are leaving campus for an appointment. The attendance clerk is not responsible for contacting and/or locating students.
  • Students returning to campus from medical appointments must present a written excuse from the physician’s office to the Attendance Office.
  • Absences without proper authorization and/or documentation will be considered unexcused and as such will result in disciplinary action.
  • In the event of an emergency, parents should contact the appropriate Division Office to establish contact with their student.

Q: We have an emergency and need to contact my child during school.

A: The Division Offices are the primary points of communication to students.

Q: My child will be out of school for a protracted illness and we need to communicate with his teachers about assignments.

A: The Division Offices will contact teachers and gather missed assignments.

Q: My child has a dental appointment and must leave school early.  Who do I contact?

A: Make sure your child is aware of the appointment and the time you are picking him/her up. Contact the Attendance Office either by email or by phone to make them aware. Upon return to school, have your child bring the physician’s note to the Attendance Office.

Q: My child is missing some classes for school-related activities. Does this count in their total absence record?

A: No. School-related activities are viewed as “co-curricular” and are not counted as absences.

Q: My child has physician’s appointments. Are these considered absences?

A: Yes. These are absences counted in the student’s total absence count. Although they are excused, a student is allowed only 10 total absences in any given class.

Q: If my child arrives late to class, are they considered absent or tardy?

A: This depends upon how late the student arrives to class. If the student is late by 15 minutes or less, he/she is recorded as unexcused tardy. Excessive tardies will be treated as a disciplinary matter. A student arriving more than 15 minutes late is recorded as absent.









Melli Sarvi
Phone: 713-328-5827
Division Offices:
Middle School: 713-328-5813
Upper School: 713-328-5826

Student Premeditated
Absence Forms:
Middle School
Upper School

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